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Found Consignment Agreement (Revised 2022)


  • Found bases prices on resale value and current demand. We strive to sell your items for the best price possible for you. Please be aware that pricing is discretionary and subject to sales and markdowns during the consignment period.

  • We authenticate all luxury items through a 3rd party and are subject to an authentication fee that is included in the sale price. All luxury pricing will be approved by the consignor prior to putting out on the sales floor.

  • If you have concerns about how a particular item will be priced please let a staff member know at your drop off appointment.


  • You will receive 40% of the sale price on regular merchandise.

  • Luxury goods/bags will receive 50-70% depending on where the price is set. You will be advised of your split when we price the item.

  • Balances may be used as store credit for an additional 10% discount on your purchase. (exclusions apply)

  • Balances under $20 can be paid out in cash in store. You may request your payment via EMT or cheque. You may email or DM the store to request payment. 


  • The selling period is 60 days. You may email a pull request for any unsold items by day 67, Please make note of your 60th day as we will not remind you. 

  • Please contact Found to request unsold items pulled for you in advance. We will let you know what day to pickup. If you do not pickup pulled unsold items 7 days after we contact they become property of Found and may be donated.

  • We do our very best to safeguard your items. They are left with us at the consignor’s risk.

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