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Get all the questions to your most frequently asked questions about Found, consignment, resale, and more.  

  • What is consignment? Why should I consign?
    Everyone has items in their closet that just aren’t appropriate for thrift donation. Bring those goods to us and make a little money for yourself. Consignment is resale. Your items are yours until they sell. When they do you get 40% of the final sale price. (Luxury items can net even more!) Every handbag and luxury item is carefully screened and authenticated before going to the sales floor. Contact us for authentication information.
  • Why shop consignment?
    Consignment shopping is savvy. You’re shopping brands that you might not normally find locally here in St. John’s. As well, you’re getting new or very gently-loved designer and better brand clothing at a fraction of the original retail price. Our goal at Found is to help women build vibrant wardrobes with a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Why not sell online?
    Facebook selling groups and Kijiji are great, but do you want a stranger coming to your house? Been stood up by a potential buyer? Bring your items to Found and let us handle it for you. So. Much. Easier.
  • Are appointments needed at Found?
    We do all consigning by drop-off appointments. You can click on the appontment tab on our main page to arrange a time. All items must be fresh and clean and in excellent condition. Please drop off all items in laundry baskets, totes or paper shopping bags (or fabric) marked with your name and email address. No hangers or garbage bags please. Before dropping to us consult the "what we love" link on our page for what we are currently accepting and what brands we are declining. It will help simplify your drop off. If you have any questions at all regarding consigning with Found you can email us at
  • How do you price items? What about luxury goods?
    Found’s owner has almost 15 years of experience in resale, and Found’s staff is trained to know what's in demand and precisely how to price it. We are constantly researching prices and normally price your items 1/3 to 1/2 of the original retail price depending on demand, condition, and brand. Luxury items are priced according to international market resale values. We authenticate all luxury brands and pieces before being offered for sale. Found takes authentication very seriously. Fakes are a felony (and they’re tacky!). Please contact us first if you have questions about the authenticity of an item you’re considering for consignment. Consignment percentage for luxury pieces are on a sliding scale based on price, brand and condition.
  • Why were some of my items declined?
    Generally, we will say “no thank you” to certain items, typically brands that aren’t selling for us. Please understand that if we decline an item it is a business decision not personal. We decline items that need cleaning or are damaged. Sometimes we miss spots, damages or flaws and will note them on your account for you to pick up or opt to have the items disposed/donated if appropriate.
  • When do I get paid?
    You get paid when your item sells. Please call, message on Facebook, or email ahead, and we’ll have a check ready for you. Please allow 24 hours. Alternatively, you can use your account balance for purchases at Found. Consignors have access to Found’s inventory system to check their accounts and can see their sales in real time. If it sells in one day you can have your cheque the same day! Pretty cool.
  • If my items don’t sell, can I get them back?"
    Ask yourself first: “Do I really want them back?” The majority of consignors at Found opt for donation to Marguerite’s Place and they are so very appreciated. Luxury and high-ticket items will never be donated without your permission. However, you can request to pick up unsold clothing or shoe items during the final week of the consignment period. They must be picked up by day 67. Call or email us before your 60-day consignment period is over and we’ll get them ready for you. We send all donation items to Marguerite’s Place.
  • How to Consign?
    Items need to be freshly laundered and on hangers. We will also accept items neatly folded in recycled shopping bags, rubbermaid totes or laundry baskets. Items brought in garbage bags or cardboard boxes will be declined. Items needing to be steamed/ironed will be declined. We go through your items while you wait and give back any "No Thank Yous."
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