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...and we're back!

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Well hello again and welcome to Spring/Summer 2021 at Found!

I am so happy to be back and are thrilled that you were able to try out the new shopping website during this latest (and hopefully last) Covid closure. We are still working on the site and figuring out ways to incorporate it into our daily routine now that we are open for in-person shopping again.

We will always be available for curbside pickup for online purchases. If we are open feel free to pop by to pickup your purchases. You can come to the front door.

I have also opened up the "Contactless Consignment" calendar on the website so you can start booking for Spring/Summer drop offs. It will be the same routine as Winter. All new consignments need to come around to the back door and we can take them from you - just ring the doorbell.

You will be contacted via email when/if you have "no thank-you" items to be retrieved. If you do not want your "no thank-yous" back just let us know and we will donate them on your behalf. (so easy, right?)

For spring/summer we are going to start taking dresses again! Yay!

We are seeing trends that include dresses and skirts coming back in full force and are thrilled. Dresses with sneakers seem to be a favourite, yes?

We are still taking comfy/casual/work-from-home and athleisure as well.

We want comfy shoes - but we will look at very limited amounts of heels again - stacked, shorter heels are more in demand. Sandals too.

Platforms and super high stilettos will be a no-thank you item this season.

Handbags. Hand 'em over!

We want your vintage leather Coach bags. Seriously in love with them. We are also seeing a demand for baguette style - think Y2K fashion. Backpacks fly out the door as well. Totes with a zip top from Kate Spade are sill popular and are great work/travel bags.

Louis Vuitton is still in huge demand and I can't keep it in the store. If you are considering selling please contact us and we will set up a drop off time for you. Fendi baguettes, anything Gucci or Chanel. Starting to get requests for Goyard! (love) if you have them and aren't using them, consider consignment. We are offering up to a 70% split with you, depending on where we set prices.

Tiffany jewelry continues to do well with us as they raised prices AGAIN on new pieces in Canada.

Now that we are back open we are also throwing TikTok into our social media mix - jump on there and look for us. Its such a fun medium and my 20-something staff are doing a great job with it. (as I am CLUELESS! Lol )

Just a reminder that we are following all safety and health protocols and require mask wearing and social distancing in the store. Limit of 6 for shopping. If the front door is locked during business hours that just means are are at capacity and you can either wait outside or in your car until someone comes out.

We have a hand sanitizer station at the entrance and in our change room. We are cleaning the change room after each use and are wiping surfaces and touch spots constantly.

I am staying super optimistic that we are getting closer and closer to getting back to normal soon. Fingers crossed we can have a good old fashioned basement sale by fall! ;)

(is that being too optimistic??? haha)

Thanks for all the love and support.

Karin xo

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