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How's it going? (BIG UPDATE)

Hey there! How's your summer going?

Hope you're getting to reunite with friends and family you haven't seen in a while!

I wanted to touch base and let you know about some new changes that are happening with the loosening of Covid restrictions here in Newfoundland.

Shoppers: I am increasing the number of people allowed at one time in the store! We've been keeping count on busy days to see what feels comfortable and allows for appropriate distancing.

With that I've decided to double our occupancy from 6 people at a time to 12. Wow!

We are open Monday-Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 12-5.

We have had our change room open this whole time and we will continue to sanitize and clean after each use.

Look for a fun summer clearance coming your way. It won't be a huge basement blow out but it'll be fun and deals will be plenty!! (Um, we have $10 tags all over the store now btw!)

Consignors - we have news for you too. We are sticking with consigning by appointment permanently. It just works well and you seem to like it too. Only thing we are changing is that you don't have to drop at our back door anymore! Come on in the front door like the old days and leave your items at our front counter. We will fill out a "Drop" form for you items and will email you like usual if there are "no thank yous" for pickup. Reminder - NTYs need to be picked up 7 days from your email or they'll get donated.

If you are new to consigning with us you will fill out our Consignor Agreement at the front desk and then we will email you with your new account information.

Consignment procedures will be updated on our website soon, in time for fall consigning,

If you've tried to book an appointment lately you may have noticed that the rest of the month is booked. Summer consigning is done for the year. We are moving to transitional/fall in early August and you can start bringing fall/winter in late August. I know. Summer goes by way too fast every year. But the shop is stocked full of great summer pieces so shop soon.

Also new - coats won't be accepted this year until September 1st and we will be cutting off coats December 1st this year!! So take note and get your coats in before then.

I will have a full fall update in August - but for now - ENJOY SUMMER!!!!

Looks for a summer clearance sale announcement before Regatta Day!

Take good care - K xo

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