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So how's it going? No really.

I mean really. Wow. What a month.

Thanks for everyone's patience with this latest "pivot".

Reducing hours this month wasn't exactly what I wanted to do but it needed to be done and it helped. We all stayed healthy (yay!) and that was the point of it all.

Starting this week though - we are BACK.

Regular hours and expanded drop off times for consignment. We are starting to transition to lighter winter/early spring so hold off on coats and heavier items for now.

In sale news we are gearing up for a big clearance sale. Yep it is that time. We aren't ready to go back to the old school basement sale (wow I miss those!) but it'll be just as fun and the will be tons of deals. $10 tags/25 and 50% off tags will be happening. I'll announce the date for the sale this coming week.

Now. Lets talk Valentine's Day. If you are considering consigning luxury bags and jewelry (think Louis and Tiffany) now is the time. Prices and splits for these items are red hot so hand 'em over! If you've got older/vintage pieces from Balenciaga, Bottega, Coach, Fendi or Gucci people are falling over themselves for them.

We will start taking spring and more summery items March 1st so start thinking that way!

Thanks again for your support. "Normal" is coming back. I just feel it.

Take care all!


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