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Social Media Woes...

Okay friends - our Instagram page is currently disabled and we have no idea when (or if!) it will be back.

In the meantime we are going to be posting on Found's Facebook page and I will give updates here on our website's blog.

I think it is also time to rethink Found's relationship with IG (and Meta) for that matter. It is an unhealthy relationship at the moment but sadly we are dependant on both to communicate with you all.

I am working on changing that - big time.

We have no idea how to communicate with IG/Meta to find out what exactly we did to trigger this and how to correct it. We have been told not to start a new page just yet as that could affect our old page. Confused? So are we. So we wait.

In the meantime - please email us through OR through Facebook messenger. Donations of gin are also appreciated at this time. ;)) Joking. Only kinda. Maybe.

xoxo Karin

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