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Wow what a week!

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Can we talk about last week? Man oh man!

Pivot city here at Found.

Funny story. My goal was to launch the website as a Valentine's Gift for you guys. Well it happened but wow so did another lockdown.

In the mad rush to organize staff, consignors and customers I was able to get the site up - along with the awesome kids at Rogue Penguin Creative. (Thanks gang!) We also jumped on the Tik-Tok bandwagon the day before closure. Be sure to find us over there and we plan on posting again soon!

I want to thank EVERYONE who shopped the new online store last night. That was so much fun. Last night was the test run and everything seemed to go pretty smoothly. My goal is to upload it a few days a week and I will announce uploads on our social media.

Consignment intake and pickups are closed for the time being. The booking calendar will be turned on again when we get back open.

Curbside pickup is available now on Tuesdays and Fridays from 12-4 at the shop. Just ring the front door bell and we will hand off your bag. Alternatively if you want us to come to your car in the lot (if its gross out) call us at 752-1122 and we will run it outside.

So again, I totally appreciate everyone's patience and hopefully this lockdown will be short lived. Stay safe! XO K

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